We uploaded a video of our display for 2012, head over to the video section of our site to see it or follow the link below.


We had some fun and  built our first snowman.


Well, it’s the first advent and we are getting some snow. Just took this short video about 10mins ago. I hope it snows for a while and gives us a nice accumulation.


Just woke up, opened the curtains and what did we get to see, some nice white stuff covering the ground.

Looked at the clock, 7:58 AM, 2 mins till the lights shut off, ran to get the camera and tried to get a least a few snapshots.

We just hope the snow will stick around a bit to get more pics tonight.


Just turned on the display.

All works well.

Got the ladder out and was hanging around the trees like a monkey.

Finally got the blow molds out of storage.

They are set up in their locations but not wired yet. That will probably follow tomorrow.

Yesterday we started with the balconies.

We wrapped the garland around the railing on our floor and the floor above (we get to decorate everything 🙂 ).



After two hours of wrapping the garland around the railing and getting stuck by the metal all the time, that job was done and we were able to start stringing the first strings of lights.


Each balcony railing will contain 1000 multi colored lights.


Well since we moved into our new place the old window frames didn’t fit anymore. So we had to take them apart and re-assemble them. We have 8 frames now, at the old place we had 7 but the sizes where different. Hoping to add more next year for the other side of the building.

They are made from regular PVC pipe that is used to install into buildings to lay electrical cables in. Angles are screwed down so that they can’t loosen and then the lights are strung over them and held in place with some hot glue.

The frames for the windows have 2 x 100 count multis on them, the large frames for the balcony door have 3 x 100 multis.




Well the three soldiers we got had no lights or cord with them, which is OK since we don’t get C7 bulbs over here anyway. So off to the hardware store to get some new light sockets and blubs. I still had the power cord and plugs to be used.


Still need to make the board to mount them too and then they are all set.