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Well guys just a short update. We have been dark last year and this year. Been some issues where we haven’t been able to put the lights up where we live as we rent so again there will be no pics this year. We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and hope we can be back next year!

We just added some pictures of our 2014 display and we hope you enjoy them.

Christmas 2014

We just uploaded our Video for 2014. I hope you enjoy.

The time has come, in less than 10 hours the lights will come back on for the 2014 Christmas Season. We have a few new additions some come and enjoy. Pictures to follow.

As you might have notice it has been quiet around here and if you have passed along the street it has been dark.

Due to personal reasons we have decided to take a break for the 2013 Season and there will be no lights this year. But we plan on being back bigger and better for the 2014 Season!

We uploaded a video of our display for 2012, head over to the video section of our site to see it or follow the link below.

We had some fun and  built our first snowman.


Well, it’s the first advent and we are getting some snow. Just took this short video about 10mins ago. I hope it snows for a while and gives us a nice accumulation.

Just turned on the display.

All works well.

With the beginning of the Christmas Season 2012 we have got ourselves…

a new apartment


a new website


and some new blow molds!!!


Check back often as we slowly build up out site and our display for Christmas 2012.